Region 2 Tournament

Event Date: 
Saturday, March 3, 2018 - 8:00am

Region 2 - Regional Tournament - Hadley Jr. High School

Saturday, March 3, 2018

240 W Hawthorne, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137


Registration is OPEN! The registration website is:

Some of the teams still have not chosen a Challenge, picked their level of competition, or named a Team Manager on the DI Resources site.  You will need to complete this step in order to register. Please log in here and proceed to the Resource area to start the registration process.

You can view this screencast for instructions on using the registration site:


Please remember, in addition to registering for the tournament, all teams must supply an adult volunteer to

help officiate at the tournament. This is the second most important adult position in DI after being a Team Manager.  We need every team to supply at least one person to be an Appraiser at the tournament. More about the requirements are below.


Important dates:

·   Early Bird discount deadline: Jan 29th, 2018   Registration link

. Feb. 15, 2018 -Last day to submit a Challenge specific question for Clarification via the Resources area on

Tournament Registration Closes Feb.23,2018 so the Tournament Planning Team can prepare!

·   Appraiser Training:  Feb 24th, 2018 at Hadley Jr. High School, Glen Ellyn, IL   9am-1pm new Appraisers and 10:30am-1pm experienced Appraisers. Make-up training session for those unable to attend the preferred Saturday session will be Tuesday evening, February 27th at Hadley Jr. High in Glen Ellyn, IL. New Appraisers will meet from 6PM to 9 PM and Experienced Appraisers will join us from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

·    Region 2 Tournament: March 3rd, 2018, Hadley Jr. High School in Glen Ellyn, IL.  Approx. 9AM to 5:30 PM.

.      Affiliate Tournament: March 24th, 2018 held at NIU in DeKalb, IL for teams qualifying at the Regional Tournament


Registration Special Note: Last year there was difficulty completing registration by the deadline due to not having complete team member information. The Team Member section of registration is needed for other Affiliates using this same system and all information is not required for Illinois teams. So this section does not need to be completely filled in to participate in the Regional tournament. On the Team Member section of the registration form, enter the team member name, age, and grade, and bypass all other info except a contact email address. We suggest using the Team Manager or Coordinator email address for this. All other fields can be completed with a placeholder, like a period or dash, and then check the box at the end that states you are using a written consent form to complete. 

 Team(s) information is not sent on to our Regional Tournament scheduler by the system until ALL sections have been marked "completed" by TM or School Coordinators on

 After you register your team, you will find the link to send to your Appraiser so they can register. Or you can give them the link below, but be sure to also give them your team number, challenge and challenge level.  The appraiser must indicate that they are representing your team in order for your team to get credit for them volunteering.

Special note about your Appraisal Volunteer:  Each team is responsible for providing an Appraiser (2-day commitment: Saturday, Feb 24th Appraiser training day (or Tuesday evening make-up training) and all day at March 3rd tournament). Appraisers must be 18 and can be any adult, i.e... A team parent, Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, Teachers, a family friend, CO-Worker, Neighbor, etc... 

To ensure fair scoring at each Challenge site:

1. Appraiser's may not appraise in their child/family members specific challenge.

2. Are NOT guaranteed they will see their team performance. 

                Even if your Appraiser has appraised at a tournament before, they must attend training this year.

Tournament Fee payment: Region 2 fees may be paid using checks or credit cards. A $5.00 convenience fee will be added if paying by credit card for each team registered.

If paying by check, please make check payable to ILDI Region 2 And please note the team number on the lower left hand corner of the check or on a separate note, so we apply payment for the correct team.

Send check to:     Diana Dignan, 875 Smith Street, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137


         Early bird Registration with Appraiser Registration fee - $100.00 per team Team registers for Regional Tournament and provides Appraiser information by January 29th, 2018

 Late Registration with Appraiser - Registration fee - $150.00 per team

 Registered for Regional Tournament after January 29th, 2018 deadline but provided a Tournament Appraiser that attends February 24th or February 27 training and March 3rd, 2018 Tournament

 Any Registration without Appraiser - Registration fee- $250.00

 If a Team is unable or chooses not to provide a Tournament Appraiser 


If your teams' registered Appraiser does NOT attend training or fails to appear for the tournament the non-Appraiser fee will be applied. Please express the importance that they honor their commitment to the team. Stop by the registration table the day-of the tournament to get TM packet and verify no additional fees are needed before proceeding to competition check-in.  All fees must be paid to receive scores.

PLEASE Note that our goal is NOT to collect additional fees. We need your team's registration and Volunteer Appraisal information to move forward with Tournament planning. ILDI is a completely volunteer-run organization! This means everything from planning to clean-up for ILDI tournaments is done by volunteers with jobs, families, extra circular activities and just overall crazy busy lives just like each of you! It is critical that we get your information by the deadlines in order to make sure tournament planning can run smoothly.

For questions about the tournament and registration, please contact Diana Dignan.

Diana Dignan, ILDI Region 2 Director

And the Regional Challenge Masters and Tournament Staff

  For technical questions about the website, contact Dain Elman at


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